Valley Supplies EDI capabilities

EDI Capabilities

Valley Supplies Inc. offers EDI capabilities to all of its customers through its EDI system. VSI EDI system was established to streamline business transaction processing for both our customers and vendors, and handle transaction volumes for trading partners large and small.

VSI EDI system is part of VSI E-Commerce initiative that is dedicated to providing automated solutions to its customer and vendor base. Custom solutions required by a trading partner can be developed through analysis and development on an as-needed basis.

VSI EDI System Benefits:

• Tightly integrated EDI solutions, successfully managing a large and differing array of customer and vendor needs.
• Able to support all ANSI X12 standard transaction sets.
• In-house map development and implementation provides ability to respond to custom while reducing lead-time to in-production status.
• Currently supporting standard dial-up VAN transmissions and FTP, as well as new AS2 internet transmission standard.
• Helping major customers significantly reduce weekly supply and idle inventory, while dramatically increasing inventory turns.

The following is a breakdown of the current standard capabilities of the EDI system:

Baseline features available to all customers with reduced implementation times:

• Inbound 850 Purchase Orders
• Inbound 875 Purchase Orders
• Inbound 820 Payment Remittance Advices
• Outbound 810 Invoices
• Outbound 880 Invoices
• Inbound and Outbound 997 Acknowledgements
• VSI-EDI Mailbox maintained with Sterling Commerce

Enhanced Features:

• Inbound 816 Organizational Charts Inbound 830 Forecast Data
• Inbound 824 Application Advices
• Inbound 852 Point of Sale Data Inbound 864 Text Messages
• Outbound 856 Advance Shipment Notification
• Outbound 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgements
• Direct FTP Communications (Encryption Available)
• Direct AS2 Communications (EDIINT)

For more information or scheduling, please contact VSI EDI Department at 973-854-8606 or email us: